Listed below are some of the major insurance plans we accept. If your insurance plan is not listed please contact our office to confirm your coverage directly.


Commercial Plans

• Aetna

• Avmed

• Cigna

• Humana

• Vista

• Coventry

• United Healthcare



Healthcare Exchange Program Plans

– Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Option

– Coventry Carelink HMO Silver and Gold

Because physician’s insurance participation can change, the insurance information on this page may not always be up-to-date.

Please contact our office directly to ascertain if we participate in your particular plan.

Please check your insurance card before scheduling an appointment and read the small print thoroughly.

Allowed Amount

The maximum dollar amount a provider within your insurance network has agreed to accept for a covered service.

Balance Billing

The additional amount you may be billed if you seek care from a provider that is not within your insurance network.

Benefit Period

The predetermined start and end date of your plan benefits.

Copayment (copay)

The set amount you owe, if any, at the time of the medical service.


The percentage of the total charges you pay, if any, at the time of service.

Covered Services

Medical services that are eligible for payment under your health plan.


The amount, if any, per benefit period, you owe before your insurance company begins to pay for covered services.


Refers to a provider (person or institution) who is participating in your plan’s network.


Refers to a provider not in your network, where your out-of-pocket costs will generally be higher.


What you pay for medical expenses (copay, coinsurance, deductible, etc.)

Out-of-pocket Maximum

The most you’ll pay out of your pocket during your benefit period for any covered services you receive.


Any person or institution offering health care services, such as doctors, specialists, hospitals, labs, etc.